Since I started working from home, Tuesday has been my nemesis. We didn’t get along. He was the lame sidekick to Monday, except Monday actually brought motivation in its overwhelming presence. Tuesday. . .well, Tuesday just sucked. 

And for a while there, I thought the problem was me. I thought that my work ethic wasn’t strong enough. I thought that it was all in my head that my productive energy didn’t show up on Tuesday mornings. I thought that I had a problem with Tuesday because I wanted a crutch, an alibi, some excuse to blame for the spinny feeling I felt when the house was empty and the work needed to be done and the coffee was all gone, and I was still in my gym clothes that hadn’t been to the gym and hair that was four days old. 

I was preparing for that same scenario to happen to me today, but then a last-minute meeting popped up on my calendar. And date night got postponed because Kevin picked up an extra shift at work. And I joined a gym last week so I really didn’t have an excuse to not go. And Gunner woke up early to go outside and I never fell back to sleep, and my brain was zeroed in on work at 6:30 a.m.

And slowly, bit by bit, I started getting my to-do list done. It’s like all of those self-improvement books and podcasts about habits and setting goals clicked into place — and not because I was doing anything in particular that those people told me to do. I think I just finally leaned into trusting myself to get the job done. 

And you know what happened? I was more aware of the bright spots in my day. 

I realized the gift it is to have a seat at the table of a publisher’s marketing meeting. 

I felt moved to action when I heard Angela Kinsey quote her mom saying, “Invest in people who invest in you” on 10 Things To Tell You.

I found my own struggle in a book I had low expectations for. 

I answered the phone when I knew someone needed my help. 

I used to dread Tuesdays, then today happened, and I learned they didn’t have to suck anymore. 

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