The One Where Monday is Fun

Good morning (or afternoon…or evening)…Maybe I should just stick with a “Hey, what’s up? Hello” type of greeting.

Anyway, it is bright and early on a Monday morning. The first Monday of May and I’m feeling quite optimistic. I used to reserve sharing my favorite things for Friday because I can’t resist a good alliteration match-up, but it seems like Monday could use an extra dose of sunshine to get the week started on a good note. Here are a few things I’m loving right now:

  1. Jane the Virgin – I’m either all in or all out when it comes to tv series on Netflix. Jane the Virgin sucked me in last week. It’s a super dramatic show on the CW, but it’s extremely well done. On Saturday, I started episode 19 and I realized I hadn’t moved from the couch in hours. Plus, there’s a narrator. I’m a sucker for tv shows with narrators (here’s looking at you, Pushing Daisies).
  2. Bluetooth headphones – I never knew I could experience podcasts/music without being tethered to my computer. I’ll write more about my specific pair, but for now – trust the hype.
  3. Juicing – I know, I know. Let’s see how long this will last… but I made an amazing pineapple orange carrot juice this weekend. Recipe to follow soon!

Alright, this gal is off to work. Have a great Monday!

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