Sunday Night Knit Night | no. 6

I’m typing this after 5 p.m. and the sun isn’t disappearing yet. Longer days are almost here. This week brought with it lots of knitting time, but I’m still spreading myself a little too thin when it comes to the number of projects.

What I’m Knitting

I’m halfway down the leg of Kevin’s first sock. It’s actually going a lot smoother than I imagined, especially once I learned to spread the stitches across four DPNs versus three. As Anne said, “A triangle is the strongest structure, so why are you making it difficult for yourself?” I’ve got about 20 more rounds before I start tackling the heel turn.

I also knitted up an Easter basket themed dishcloth yesterday. I ordered some Dishie Multi yarn before it went on sale from KnitPicks.

Things of interest

I’m waiting for the bread machine to finish making up this bagel dough. I’m thinking I’ll make half a batch of everything bagels and half a batch of plain.

Last week, I devoured Armchair Expert with Dax Shepard on my commute. I found his conversations with celebrities somewhat refreshing. Especially since most of them worry about the same things that I do.

I made some mac & cheese last night because Kevin had a friend over to watch the Duke v. Carolina game. From box of elbow noodles to creamy macaroni and cheese in 5 minutes — the Instant Pot is magic.

Coming up next

I’m debating on what to do to relax tonight before going to bed. Bubble bath, reading, or relaxing in bed with the Office? Maybe a little bit of all three?


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