Sunday Night Knit Night | no. 2

Welcome back to Sunday Night Knit Night. Unfortunately, I haven’t had much time to knit this week, so I’m glad we’re making a little time to sit down and create together.

The new year is starting to settle in as I find my footing at my new job and a routine at home. The past four or five months have been crazy in our world with the wedding, honeymoon, holidays, new jobs, and that brief moment we thought about buying a house. It feels like we’re starting to catch our breath.

What I’m Knitting

I cast on a beanie last night, and I’m still working on Kevin’s fingerless gloves – poor guy, his projects always get sidelined. I am off the first cuff though, so that’s a victory worth celebrating. That’s what I’m working on tonight. I need to print out the pattern because I keep sitting it down when I have to stop and look up the pattern on my iPad.

I also finished my chunky pink cowl, and I’m in love. I cheated on my “no yarn” rule and bought a few more skeins of Crazy Sexy Wool while it was on sale for future Christmas presents. Whoops.

Things of Interest

I threw a little Friday morning dance party on the way to work this week thanks to our wedding reception playlist. Not quite sure why we hired a DJ when I’m so skilled at compiling a playlist. 😉

I’m obsessing over this capsule inspired by the future Mrs. Prince Harry. I’m feeling inspired to take the leap and design a capsule wardrobe of my own. (Lord knows Kevin would pick on me less for changing clothes at least three times before heading off to work.)

The Velvet Acorn on Instagram always wows me with her patterns. I am astounded that she writes both knit and crochet patterns and that she releases new ones weekly. I want that kind of energy (and a child to knit this unicorn scarf for!).

Coming Up Next

We’re going skiing soon, and I’ve never been! Any tips or tricks you have to share?

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