Product Review: Batiste for Dark & Deep Brown Hair

I love dry shampoo. I think it is proof that God loves us and wants us to get our seven to eight hours of sleep every night while having fabulous hair. After learning what product works for me, I can now easily go two to three days between washing and blowing out my hair (depending on my running schedule, of course).

My preferred dry shampoo is Batiste in the cherry scent. It’s fun and cheerful and budget-friendly. While I desperately would like to try amika’s undone dry shampoo as well as Living Proof’s new version, I am happy to be loyal to the $7.99 special that is Batiste because it works (and I’m ballin’ on a budget)

I ran out of my cherry scented hair boost over the weekend so I popped into a drugstore on my way back from a lunch date to pick up some more. I chose the drugstore over Ulta mainly to avoid torturing myself and my wallet. Anyway, I noticed they didn’t have my cheery little turquoise bottle with cherries all over it so I decided I would try out the kind that was for dark and deep brown hair. Let me go ahead and tell you, it is not meant for me to use it the way I use normal dry shampoo.

Normally, I hit my crown and roots with dry shampoo and tie my hair up in a pineapple bun before I head to bed. I let the magic happen while I’m soundly asleep. Thank goodness I didn’t have the forethought to use the Dark & Deep Brown Hair version that way. My pillowcases have been spared!

What do I mean by that? Oh, well, here’s what happened…when my Tuesday morning run date was canceled, I decided I would not go through the hassle of washing and blowing out my hair since I was spending the day in a car on a work trip to Richmond. Instead, I planned to hit a few spots with dry shampoo, get dressed, and get out the door quickly. Spoiler alert: dry shampoo with color pigments in it can and will get EVERYWHERE. It doesn’t just soak in like the normal dry shampoo.

So there was I was with brown stained hands and fingernails and brown spots all over the beige top I was wearing. Obviously not something I thought about before shaking the can up and spraying my roots. YIKES. That stuff was still causing problems when I was going to bed that night (thank the Lord I was sleeping at a hotel and sacrificing their white sheets and not mine).

Overall, the product works great. However, it might be best suited for wearing dark clothes or better yet to use if you have to run some errands post-work out. So I’m going to stick to my beloved cherry-scented Batiste.

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