Knit Night #5 | Feb. 25

I missed last week’s knit night. After spending the day Saturday in Virginia with my family then spending most of the day Sunday with my in-laws, I was full on introverting by Sunday afternoon. I’m very excited to be back, mainly because I stopped by two yarn stores this weekend.

What I’m Knitting

Yesterday, I visited a friend in Southern Pines and stopped by Bella Filati Luxury Yarns. They had some of their bulky winter yarns on sale, and I scored some Noro Kiso yarn at half-price. The colorway is a beautiful gray base with bright rainbow colors thrown in. I cast on the Self-Fringing Shawl last night. I’m anxious to see how the fringe works. Once you complete the project, you unhook some stitches and the fringe falls out. Sounds magical!

Things of Interest

While I was in Southern Pines, I had horrible flashbacks to last May when Leigh and I had that awful idea to run a 50K trail run.

My birthday was Thursday, so Kevin treated me to birthday yarn. I’m planning to make my first sweater with it.

My sister gave me all sorts of pampering goodies for my birthday, including a DaBomb Bath Fizzer. Made by two sisters in Minnesota, the bath bombs promise a surprise inside. Sure enough, my bath bomb had the cutest little donut keychain inside. So fun!

I made these soft pretzel bites and beer cheese using a cup of Yuengling, a block of cream cheese and 3 cups of shredded cheddar cheese this week. YUM!

Coming Up Next

I’m working on a story at work about literacy rates in North Carolina. Did you know that 65% of fourth graders nationwide score below proficient on reading exams? Stats like that make me feel like I need to get involved in volunteering for causes that are near and dear to me. I hope to find some time this week to find ways to give back.

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