January Recap.

Do you ever feel like January is the Monday of a new year? Don’t worry – it may feel like 2018 is getting the last laugh by serving us five Mondays this month, but we’ve got eleven whole months ahead to find joy and embrace what the world has to offer us.

This month brought a lot of change for us:

  • I started a new job on January 2;
  • We made an offer on a house then decided against it due to some unforeseen issues (like a buried oil tank);
  • My blog got a new look and new branding;
  • I started doing some behind-the-scenes work for Story Photographers again.

And a few new habits:

  • I’m slowly building my running endurance after a few weeks off over the holidays – it’s so hard, but so worth it;
  • I started Five to Thrive and said goodbye to Dr. Pepper;
  • I’m reading more – I’m on my fourth book this year.

We also found time for the small things:

  • After moving away from my town of three years, I am making an effort to stay connected with the ladies I used to run with in the mornings;
  • I visited the NC Museum of Art twice (please go just to see the glass dress);
  • I reconnected with a friend from Campbell and we had a lady date to see Lady Bird;
  • It seems like college basketball season is upon us, so our tv is tuned into Duke and NC State games and cheering against UNC whenever possible. 😉

And the biggest highlight of the month:

  • It snowed – TWICE!

January Tested, Jarvis Approved

Recommendations of things I tried out this month and loved.


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