February Recap

Well that month felt like a whirlwind. I’m sure it didn’t help that we were out of the country for a week during the shortest month of the year. I’ve always had a soft spot for February. It’s my birthday month, and things just seem a little more lovely when bathed in red and pink Valentine tones. Here’s to a spring awakening in March.

Big things that happened for us this month:

  • I learned to ski (and only yelled at Kevin like twice)
  • A new trashcan has renewed my optimism in our old little rental house. We’re still on the hunt for a house though. I keep telling myself patience is a virtue.
  • We discovered the lost sport of Ski Dancing
  • I turned twenty-eight and started the (neverending) process of changing my name

We did a little self-improvement:

  • I started back running multiple days during the week. Slowly, but surely, y’all.
  • Kevin found an indoor hobby for rainy days. He’s making his own bucktail fishing lures, and I’m ignoring the weekly bags from Field & Stream that find their way into our house.
  • I (finally) cast on my first of a pair of socks that I’m knitting. Fingers crossed I don’t mess them up.

And found joy in the small things:

  • I explored the charming golf town of Southern Pines with my good friend Sarah
  • Influencer marketing struck again – I found The Lemonade Shop on Etsy thanks to the ‘gram. You know I bought some of that magical unicorn yarn.  
  • The third installment of a beloved series took me on an unexpected trip to NYC through Louisa Clark’s eyes

February Tested, Jarvis Approved

Recommendations of things I tried out this month and loved.

    • TV Show: Queer Eye – it’s the Netflix reboot you never knew you needed
    • Book: White Rose, Black Forest by Eoin Dempsey
    • Recipe: Bread Machine Pretzel Bites
    • Drink: Fireball, mainly because every time I felt terrified on the slopes, I took a sip of Fireball. (If only every terrifying learning experience could have that option)
    • Knitting Pattern: Self-Fringing Shawl by Amberlyn Frost
    • Playlist:



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