Book Club: Still Me

Let’s talk about Louisa Clark. I discovered her in the summer of 2014 when I first read Me Before You by Jojo Moyes. The story of Louisa meeting Will absolutely wrecked me. I couldn’t read that book quickly enough. When it was over, I mourned it like I lost a friend. Louisa Clark’s quirky personality and giving heart shone effortlessly through each page.

Know first who you are and then adore yourself accordingly. -Still Me

Because of Me Before You, I read almost every book Jojo Moyes published. The Girl You Left Behind. The Last Letter From Your Lover. The Ship of Brides. As I type those titles, I can easily recall each character and storyline – a nod to Moyes ability to tell a story. Which leads us to me anxiously awaiting my Book of the Month box containing Still Me when we got home from vacation last week.

The third book in Louisa’s journey, I felt relief when I cracked open the cover and discovered she was the same vibrant Louisa. There’s something about her that reminds me of me, so I want to simultaneously protect her at all costs and shake her while screaming “WAKE UP, YOU FOOL!”

This book details a life beyond Will Traynor – a life of her own. Except she’s still not really sure who that is. We find her in New York, making new friends, navigating a new lifestyle, catching the eye of someone unexpected, and wondering if an imposter Will Traynor is worse than no Will Traynor at all.

I enjoyed reading about her experiences in New York, and Jojo Moyes expertly guided my emotions on which characters to cheer for (Hello, Dean Martin) and which ones to silently wish to go away quickly. I’m glad Louisa is finding her way in the world with more richly diverse characters by her side, even if I didn’t think she needed a follow-up.

Book Club Questions

  1. Would you have done what Louisa did when confronted by Mr. Gopnik or would you have ratted Agnes out? Why?
  2. What was your initial reaction upon meeting Josh Ryan?
  3. Why do you think caretaking responsibilities come naturally to Louisa? Are there similarities in her relationship with Margot and her mother’s relationship with Granddad?


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