Book Club: Recursion

I have not gotten so swept up in a book like this in YEARS. I finished it last Sunday and refused to get out of bed before I read every word, which is rare for me because I count any minute spent in bed after 7 a.m. a waste of daylight. 

“I know everything feels hopeless to you in this moment, but this is just a moment, and moments pass.”

Blake Crouch, Recursion

I’ve seen Recursion on book recommendation lists all summer long — The Popcast greenlit it, The Lazy Genius sang its praises, and Annie B. Jones gave it 4 stars on her mini Instagram book review. And apparently everyone in my county also heard the hype because I was like 58th on the hold list at the library. So when it appeared in my Libby account, I sent it straight to my Kindle and dove in. 

Recursion is set in a world where people suffer from False Memory Syndrome (FMS). Ordinary people go about their ordinary days when suddenly they can remember living whole lives, except they never happened. A woman remembers being married and having a son so vividly that she can’t imagine it never happened. A man remembers his daughter being the victim of a hit-and-run at 16, but he’s having brunch with her on her 26th birthday. Y’all, it is wild. 

When a New York detective starts linking different FMS occurrences together, he sets a course for himself that requires mental strength, patience and a whole lot of pain to see it through. I loved every bit of this book. It was exhilarating and heartwrenching and made me question what I would change if given the chance and how that would change me. 

Book Club Questions

  1. Would you visit Hotel Memory if given the chance as a character in the book? 
  2. Are there any other points in Helena’s life that you feel like she could have revisited to prevent the manipulation of her invention?
  3. How do you think people would react today if the Big Bend appeared out of nowhere?

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