28 Things I Learned at 28

I turn 29 tomorrow. While I’m not freaking out about it, I’ve been aware of a subtle shift in my attitude and mindset. There’s an undercurrent of “I’m an adult now” in almost everything I do. I’m at that age where I pay a mortgage, but I eat cereal for dinner sometimes. When something reminds me of my childhood and growing up now, I tend to tear up instead of cringe. It’s all very weird and I don’t quite feel prepared for it.

That’s why I’m sharing 28 things I learned while 28, so next year, I can’t say I don’t feel prepared.

    1. Just because something feels scary doesn’t mean it has to be scary. Exhibit A: Buying a house.
    2. It’s okay to ask for help.
    3. People at work don’t have to like you — they just need to like your work.
    4. Handwritten notes will take you farther than namedropping.
    5. The only way to get better at writing is to write.
    6. Knitting will teach you patience even if you think it won’t.
    7. A 15-minute walk with a dog acts like a balm to an anxious mind.
    8. Starting over is always hard. But that’s not a reason to not start over.
    9. “No” is a complete sentence.
    10. A mile is the same distance no matter how fast or slow you go. (See #8)
    11. Making time to bake cookies or a milkbar cake is never a waste of time.
    12. Starting a daily practice of gratitude will make you more grateful.
    13. Spraying vodka on something that stinks will take the smell right out.
    14. Using exclamation points doesn’t mean you’re excited or happy or positive. You can still be “sparkly” and use them sparingly.
    15. Friends is a revolutionary piece of American television. (I read a book that proved that this year)
    16. If your goal is to ride Splash Mountain, Thunder Mountain and Space Mountain over and over again without any lines, go to Magic Kingdom on Halloween.
    17. We are not as special and individual as we think we are, but our stories are unique and mindblowing.
    18. If you live in a house without a bathtub, you can use a Yeti 125 in a pinch.
    19. Misting plants is just as important as watering them. (17 ½ : You don’t need to water plants every day)
    20. 10 foot Christmas trees are just as magical as you expect them to be.
    21. A 36 hour trip to Chicago to see Hamilton is not practical, but oh man, it’s worth it.
    22. I don’t have to like what everyone on Instagram likes.
    23. Apple cider vinegar lemon braised kale is like heaven in a bowl.
    24. There are few things more important than showing up for people.
    25. Life is more enjoyable without a chip on your shoulder.
    26. For the most part, everyone is doing the best they can.
    27. Running a 5K in a sherpa bathrobe at Christmas time is so much fun (and incredibly warm).
    28. You can entertain a thought, idea, belief, or concept without accepting it (and you can do that without yelling at anyone, too!).


Bonus: I can impress my college roommate by coming up with 28 things I learned at 28. Thanks coach. 

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