For a long time, self-help and motivational books embarrassed me. Always paranoid the cashier would judge me, I ignored them in the bookstore and sometimes thought, “Who does this person think they are offering advice and ways to change my life? What’s wrong with my life?”

“Your dream is worth fighting for, and while you’re not in control of what life throws at you, you are in control of the fight.” – Rachel Hollis, “Girl, Wash Your Face”

Then I met Rachel Hollis.

Okay, so I’m using the term “met” loosely. I didn’t actually meet her, but I did discover her Instagram feed. Which led me to her website that led me to discuss with a friend who is obsessed with new books and book launch teams. Which led me to apply to be part of Rachel’s “Chic Ambassadors” which led me to join the book launch team for her new book Girl, Wash Your Face.

Are you still with me? Good. That train of thought was a little long, but we’re just getting to the good stuff.

Girl, Wash Your Face is changing my life. A bold statement for a book that isn’t even out yet, but it’s true. Framed by a lie she used to tell herself, each chapter shares the history of the lie and how she fought to overcome it. But the thing is, each lie is something that I have either told myself or could tell myself in the future.

“Somebody else’s opinion of you is none of your business.” -Rachel Hollis, “Girl, Wash Your Face”

The twenty chapters range from “I should be further along by now” to “I need a drink” to “I am better than you.” Each one diving into issues that are heavy but have somehow managed to dull themselves down just enough to where I don’t notice them daily, so I don’t do anything about them.

That’s all changing now.

The best chapter though, in my opinion, is Chapter 2: I’ll Start Tomorrow. It will break you down and build you back up so much that you won’t start tomorrow. You’ll do that thing you’ve been afraid of doing today.

Seriously download, buy, or borrow “Girl, Wash Your Face” wherever books are sold today, Feb. 6.

Oh, and if you’re not convinced, you can listen to the first three chapters of the audiobook version narrated by Rach herself on the Dais podcast.

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