About Leah

Leah has 7+  years experience keeping many plates spinning in the air professionally. In other words, she’s worked as an administrative assistant, communications director, writer, doughnut deliverer, content strategist, blogger, social media expert, editor, professional Pinterest pinner, designer, and cheerleader for good causes.

Armed with sparkly people skills and an MBA, she sees the big picture for business and commands laser-sharp focus to meet deadlines and goals.

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Leah has previously worked with individuals and brands that help others live their best lives and celebrate the little things, like…

  • Blogging for a beloved wedding and lifestyle photography business based in Raleigh
  • Managing Pinterest to increase awareness for a lifestyle blog and podcast dedicated to making life easier

Let’s Connect

To talk with Leah about ways she can help your dream and champion your business, shoot her an email or find her on Twitter or Instagram (@leahwjarvis).